By 2025, Is expected that almost an 80 percent of companies will have moved their processes and virtualized their insfrastructure so that the Data center, as we know, it will have ceased to exist. This is one of the trends that Gartner emphasizes in the area of infrastructure and operations for the next years.

The giant announced several updates that allow simpler, faster and safer login methods thanks to Windows Hello.

The technology giant says that the new open technology has been designed to facilitate the administration, transfer and integration of applications in different cloud computing infrastructures.

Two big businesses for the Channel. This is attested by various insurers, who note that companies will be the main claimants of products and services of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. And this is only the beginning.


In October 18, the second edition of the most important meat industry fair in Spain, Meat Attraction, began with a total of 373 exhibitors, represented companies and brands.

With its innovative drones, Intel is revolutionizing the conservation of the oldest structure in the world created by humans for the enjoyment of future generations.

We present our ERP specialized in the meat industry

IO Cárnicas will be present at the Meat Attraction 2018. The most important fair in Spain about the meat industry.

The company plans to devote even more resources to research and innovation in IoT and Intelligent Edge, over the next 4 years.

Intel announces its 8th generation of Core processors with the H and U series with6 CPU cores for gaming notebooks, also it guarantees the compatibility with Optane memory. It also extends to the vPro professional line.

The rise of digital currencies, especially bitcoin, opens new ways for cyber attackers.

The year 2017 was, without a doubt, the year of bitcoin. The cryptocurrency with the highest value of the market passed in less than 12 months from the 900 dollar value to exceed 19,000 dollar value, in a forward race that made many investors worry about its volatility. Not without reason: since December 16 achieved a peak of $ 19,343, bitcoin has begun the path of decline.

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