Tuesday, 19 December 2017 09:37

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 has been released

Since the 1st of December, you are able to buy the new version of MS Dynamics NAV.
Do you want to know the main new features?

- Import of files of payroll transactions of Ceridian HR / Payroll in US and Ceridian Powerpay in CA installing the extension Ceridian Payroll.

- Import files of payroll transactions in the Quickbooks IIF format by installing the import extension of Quickbooks payroll files.

- Synchronize suppliers with Lexmark ICS, now you can take advantage of provider synchronization when using Lexmark ICS.

- With our next customization tool integrated directly into Dynamics NAV, just a few clicks to show the correct data for your function and your business or optimize data entry in the browser. Customize your workspace

- Preview and print reports, invoices, tax reports, checks and spreadsheets: our next Report Preview feature will display all types of reports directly in Dynamics NAV without having to download them as a file. You can also print directly from the browser.

- Analysis of financial statements in Microsoft Excel, in the Centers of roles Business Manager and Accounting, you can choose which financial statements to see in Excel from a drop-down menu in the Reports section of the ribbon. When you choose a declaration, it will open in Excel or Excel Online. A plug-in connects the data to Finance.

- A new format for the printing of checks has been created. Now you have the ability to print 3 checks per page to save paper and make the printing of checks faster.

- Full synchronization of CRM to run in the background.

- Presentation of the sales list of the EC with more than 9999 lines.


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